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Brachypelma emilia



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The Brachypelma emilia, also known as red-legged tarantula or Mexican red leg, is native to Western Mexico. These spiders with dark-colored bodies have a close resemblance to the Mexican redknee tarantula. They also have a light-colored carapace at the front of which a slight black-colored triangle is present. Besides this, these Brachypelma emilia slow-moving animal species are also very famous for their use in different pet shows. Like all other tarantula species, they also have urticating hairs that they use to defend against many threats. Here, we are going to discuss many exciting facts and information about these spiders.

The Mexican redleg, also known as the red-legged tarantula, has a dark-colored body with the second joint of its legs being pink, red or orange. Its carapace is light colored with a distinctive black triangle at the front. Following moulting, the colors are more pronounced.

An adult female has a body roughly 65 mm long, with a legspan of 12.5 cm, and a weight of approximately 15 to 16 grams.

White described it as follows:

Deep blackish-brown; the basal joint of chelicera with some scattered red hairs in front; the cephalothorax of a rich yellowish-red, the hairs short, close and velvet-like; the fourth and fifth joints of the legs clothed with yellowish-red hairs, the end of the fifth joint with many brown hairs; fourth joint of the first pair of legs, with the curiously hooked process near the end, also covered with red hairs, the under side of the fifth and sixth joints and the tarsi clothed with a close, dense, velvet pad. Body brown, with longish, scattered red hairs, which are deeper in hue than on the other parts


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