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zero bearded dragon for sale


zero bearded dragon for sale. These are visual Zero Leatherback Beardeds that are also het for hypo! Baby Zero Bearded Dragons w/nip tails.

About Bearded Dragons for sale

Although several other species are becoming available to the pet trade, the most commonly available variety is the central or inland bearded dragon, Pogona vitticeps. This species is native to arid, rocky areas of Australia, and is typically tan/brown in coloration (but several color morphs are also available). Their bearded name is derived from the spines that line their throats. These spines usually lie flat but if the dragon feels threatened, the throat is expanded causing the spines to stand up and making the dragon look like they have a beard and more intimidating (especially combined with their tendency to flatten their bodies to appear wider). However, bearded dragons are generally docile and their aggressive displays are rarely seen in captivity which makes them very popular pet reptiles.  When handled regularly, baby bearded dragons for sale can turn into excellent pet bearded dragons as they mature.  We handle our baby bearded dragons for sale as often as possible to ensure they’ll adjust quickly and become a tame pet bearded dragon sooner then you’d expect.


With a Biologist ON SITE, all of our bearded dragons for sale online are outstandingly vibrant with color and all will come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  Our bearded dragons for sale are ready to ship to your door via UPS in heated or cooled containers and will arrive the morning after shipment.  Typically they leave here around 5 pm and are on your doorstep the next morning between 9 am – 1 pm.

The age groups are as follows: Hatchlings 1 month old, Well started 1-2.5 months old, Juveniles 3-6 months old, young adults 6+ months old. Whatever is on hand at the time of your order is what will be shipped. The photos used are just a reference for this morph and not the exact animal you will be receiving. Colors/patterns will vary as each animal is completely unique.


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